Gas Ducted Central Heating in Melbourne

This is one of the most common systems on the market, found regularly in Australian homes.

What are the benefits?

  1. Firstly this system is highly efficient, this means you’ll get good quality heat for reasonable prices on your energy bill.
  2. Uses natural gas so you get a system up and running in a short amount of time, the gas you use goes straight onto your energy bill.
  3. Ducted heating gives you the ability to heat sections or areas of your home according to what you need. If you have an unused area of the house or a room that receives direct sunlight then there are no problems at all. Simply adjust your settings to only heat the areas that you want.
  4. No dangerous pilot lights or open flames. Safety is important, particularly when you have a young family.

How does it work?

It works through the use of a heat exchanger where heat is distributed through ducts or outlets. The ducts can be placed in a variety of locations including the floor and the roof cavity. The unit itself can be placed in the floor or in the roof also, depending on the build of your home.

What brands do you recommend?

There are numerous brands and models in the market. We specifically recommend the following brands:

  • Bonaire (more information below)
  • Vulcan
  • Braemar (see comparison between 3-7 star systems below)
  • Brivis (more information below)

Bonaire Systems

Bonaire have a range of models to suit any budget or style of home with 3, 4 and 5 star models. Among the most popular is the 5 star series that is one of the efficient units on the market. The extra efficiency comes via the use of both a primary and secondary heat exchanger which means you get 90% + heating efficiency. Their predictive logic modulation system means that both air delivery and gas rate are constantly monitored for optimum usage and cycling. A 4 zone system comes standard in the 5 star range with the option of going to 8 zones depending on your budget, availability of supply and suitability to your home.

Bonaire remote control

Bonaire central heating remote control

Bonaire systems come with the option of one of the most advanced remote control systems on the market with the ability to monitor and maintain settings in all zones. 4 wireless remote controllers means that everyone in the family can control their zone to the desired settings. A great feature is the large, clear and concise backlit LCD display that enables you full scheduling 7 days per week and multiple events so you’ll be covered no matter the circumstance. Full error reporting and diagnostics means that you can troubleshoot any issues with your system quickly without calling a technician.

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Braemar Systems

Braemar star rating comparison

Comparison of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 star Braemar system

Braemar have recently released a world leading “7 star” energy efficient rating system that is super energy efficient and will help to lower your running costs. Many Braemar systems come with either touch screen or remote control systems, Spectrolink Multizone controllers where you can regulate the temperature in up to 4 seperate zones. With automatic settings you also have the ability to program the turning on/off of  specific zones throughout the day. Many systems all feature the Home/Away setting where you can manually override your regular settings. For example a day when you are travelling that you’d normally be at home or vice-versa.

Users of the systems also enjoy Braemar’s SoftAir fan system that ensures no cold drafts and consistent flow of warm air.

installing a braemar system

Various options for installing a Braemar system

Thankfully Braemar’s unique construction means flexible options for the installation of your ducted heating system and can be installed externally, internally into the ceiling space or underfloor.

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Brivis Systems

Brivis are a 50 year veteran of the heating and cooling industry in Australia and are reknown for their reliability. In fact some of their original 50 year old models are still working to this day! They have some of the best product warranties on the market today with some products featuring a massive 10 year warranty with a repair or replace guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with your Brivis system – if it is not working well or not as it was designed or intended then Brivis will repair or replace free of charge.

Brivis’ flagship ducted heater is the Starpro 6 star series. Using their trademarked Quatra technology this series is cleverly engineered to use less gas than traditional gas ducted systems whilst still delivering high quality, comfortable heat. Combining a Starpro 6 star series ducted heater with Brivis’ proprietary ZonePlus zoning system you can now have 4 individual zones in your home. This means you can set individual temperatures in each zone or even turn off the unit altogether in individual zones when not needed. Brivis systems are amongst the most cost efficient on the market, The Starpro system can save you up to 30% on your heating bill when compared to an industry standard 3 star heater.

In Melbourne winters, one of the most popular pieces of Brivis technology is the Rapid Heat technology. This essentially gives your heater a “turbo boost” mode that will rapidly heat your home during the cold Melbourne mornings and nights. Certainly a must in June, July and August.

For the more cost conscious person, Brivis have an excellent range of 3, 4 and 5 star models that will suit your budget needs whilst still delivering high quality heat to your home. Brivis systems also come with an option for networked, manual and programmable controllers so you’ll have full control over the temperature in your home.

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Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

Ideally your system should be serviced or maintained every 18-24 months. If you have an old system and you’d like us to check it for you then contact us today.

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