We have a great variety of heating systems from the leading brands on the market like Brivis, Braemar and Bonaire.

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating

There’s nothing better than walking through the door on a cold winter’s day into a house that’s warm and cosy. The best way to warm your entire home is with Ducted Heating. It operates by distributing air warmed in a central heating unit throughout your house via a series of ducts and outlets. Aspen Air will make sure the outlets are located to provide maximum warmth and energy efficiency.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic HeatingHydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating is widely recognized as the best central heating system available as each room is individually and effectively warmed by radiated and convected heat. Radiated heat travels directly from the surface of radiators to warm people, furniture and walls in the room whilst convected heat rises naturally from the internal fins of the radiator to warm the air. The radiators provide warmth within 15 minutes of the system starting.

This system can be installed in new or existing, single or multi-storey, homes, even when there is very little space under the floor. If the home has a concrete floor the piping can be installed in the ceiling space or the walls.

Operating costs are lower than other central heating, particularly in homes with high ceilings, the system allows individual radiators to be turned off or thermostatically controlled, further reducing operating costs.

Hydronic heating is environmentally clean with a natural gas or LPG fired boiler simply heating water, which is then circulated. It is a closed system, with radiators and natural convectors providing clean natural heat by radiation and natural convection. This technique eliminates dust and allergens being blown throughout your home.

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