Evaporative Cooling – Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

What are the benefits?

  • Evaporative cooling traditionally has low running costs so you save money on your energy bill
  • The cheapest form of ducted cooling to install so you can cool your home with a minimal investment
  • The water based cooling process means evaporative cooling does not dry the air out. This is great for people with hay fever, asthma or allergies
  • No harmful gases due to the natural water based cooling process
  • You can keep the doors and windows open to allow beautiful, natural fresh air to circulate throughout your home.

How does it work?

An evaporative cooler is installed in the roof of your home. The cooler is connected to a series of ducts that are strategically placed in your home. The unit draws air from outside, filter pads then cool the air down and the cool air gets distributed throughout your home.


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Is it cost effective?

Evaporative cooling systems are amongst the cheapest ducted cooling systems to install. In fact, they are usually 50% cheaper than refrigerated cooling depending on the model and 3 times cheaper to run vs refrigerated cooling. The installation cost is usually significantly cheaper too.

A typical Bonaire system cooling an area of 150 square metres has a running cost of approximately 12 cents per hour. This is significantly cheaper than both ducted refrigerated air conditioning and split system air conditioning.

Is it compatible with other heating and cooling systems?

Yes, most systems are compatible with other systems such as gas central heating. Check with the team at Aspen Air to discuss whether your current system is compatible.

Why choose Aspen Air for Evaporative Cooling?

Aspen Air can provide you with the most competitive pricing in all of Melbourne. When you are deal with Aspen Air, you are dealing with a family run business of 30 years experience in the industry. Our customer service is paramount, you’ll be dealing one on one with the owner of the business so you can be assured that your needs are met.

Aspen Air are official stockists for many brands such as Bonaire, Braemar and Brivis. To book a free in home assessment call Aspen Air on 1300-661-861. If you are a little shy, fill in the contact form here and we’ll contact you.

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